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This cop killed a child. He doesn't deserve a badge.

Stop defending the officer who killed Tamir Rice and trying to get him back on the police force. Putting Timothy Loehmann back on the streets with a badge and gun would threaten public safety, and send the dangerous message that police officers are above accountability for their actions.

Tell Advertisers: Drop Fox

Fox News is a malevolent and destructive force. Not only is the network's programming becoming increasingly extreme, deceitful, and racist, but Fox News is also functioning as Donald Trump's personal propaganda operation. As the network helped fuel hysteria over a migrant caravan thousands of miles from the border and Fox host Sean Hannity joined Trump at a campaign rally, a wide range of leading media voices began calling for corrective action. Financial Times U.S. National Editor Edward Luce, conservative columnist Max Boot, Hollywood Reporter Editor-at-Large Kim Masters, producer and director Judd Apatow, and many others called out Fox News' remaining...

Tell the Climate-Denying Trump Administration: Enough Fracking!

Dear U.S. Department of the Interior and U.S. Bureau of Land Management: It is shocking that you would give the American public only 10 days to comment on your review of the climate consequences of selling more than 300,000 acres of public lands in Wyoming for fracking. I demand an extension of the public comment period. Currently, you are accepting comments until April 22, 2019. This is not sufficient time for the American public to scrutinize your review and provide informed comments. I call on you to provide a 30-day extension of this deadline. I also object to your finding...

Demand BlackRock, Vanguard, and Fidelity use their power to fight climate change

The biggest producers and consumers of energy -- companies in your portfolio -- are failing to do their part on climate change. You have the power and responsibility to change that. Do your duty to protect your customers’ investments, the planet, and all of us, by voting for shareholder resolutions that demand concrete climate action, disclosures on political spending, and independent boards of directors that will hold corporate leadership accountable.

Begin Obstruction of Justice Inquiry NOW

Mueller's report details at least ten episodes where Trump sought to undermine the investigation and may constitute obstruction of justice. It isn't Barr's place to have final say. The House has enough evidence to begin hearings into obstruction of justice immediately.

SIGN: Sheriff's office charging pregnant mother whose toddler couldn't wait for potty

Brooke Johns, a mother, was issued a citation for disorderly conduct because her 3-year-old couldn't hold it long enough to use the bathroom. She reportedly tried to discreetly cover him up as he went in a parking lot, but a deputy issued her a citation so she's due in court jut days before she's due with her second child. Tell the Richmond County Sheriff's Office to drop the charge against Brooke Johns.

Laura Ingraham; Fired for Nipsey Hussle commentary

Laura Ingraham has repeatedly expressed commentaries that are contrary to the Fox News Workplace Professionalism and Inclusion standard as updated June 6, 2018. Specifically, the unprofessional commentaries as they relate to the late, Nipsey Hussle. Fox reporter Laura Ingraham was disrespectful and unprofessional in the manner in which she reported on his funeral. In the mentioned segment, you can see Laura and her co-host chuckle as they talk about #YG’s ‘FDT’ song, a song in which was not even by the late, Nipsey Hussle. We as a community have sat idle while Fox News has repeatedly been insensitive in their...

Congress needs to pass permanent authorization of the September 11th Victim Compensation Fund

The September 11th Victim Compensation Fund is running out of money and families are seeing up to a 70% cut in their payments. Congress must immediately vote to support the bipartisan bill "Never Forget the Heroes: Permanent Authorization of the September 11th Victim Compensation Fund" to authorize full, permanent funding for the victims and families of the 9/11 attacks.

Release the Mueller report

Mueller's report MUST be made public, and Congress must be prepared to do everything in its power to obtain it if the Trump administration and Justice Department refuse to be transparent.

Make AG an elected Office within Judicial Branch

I've been saying for a year the attorney general needs to be an elected office and possibly relocated within the Judicial Branch to remove Presidential influence. With the recent Barr/Trump committee testimony it seems to be more necessary than ever so, I decided to start a petition.

Sen. Portman: End Your Support for the "Protect Act"

Senator Portman is co-sponsoring the "Protect Act" which would scale back protections for people with pre-existing conditions; allow insurance companies to charge women and seniors more; and would bring back policies that don't include essential health care benefits, like maternity care and hospitalizations. Tell Senator Portman to cut ties with the "Protect Act" and take meaningful action to protect our care from the ongoing sabotage of the Trump Administration.

Target: Stop Selling Roundup!

Target is still selling Roundup, despite the finding in court cases that it causes Lymphoma, and has ingredients blamed for the massive BEE die-off. Tell Target to stop selling this dangerous product in its stores. Encourage them to show their environmental and health concern for the families they serve by taking Roundup and like products off their shelves!

Stop Taxpayer-Funded Wildlife Slaughter!

It is unacceptable that my federal government spends my tax dollars to kill well over a million native animals each year. I am calling on you to defund the cruel practices of the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Wildlife Services program. Wildlife Services neither serves wildlife nor American citizens. Wildlife Services is poisonous to our wildlife and public lands and puts our companion animals and children at risk. For decades, Wildlife Services has wantonly ignored the best available science regarding the benefits of native wildlife on our public lands and the ineffectiveness of lethal control to prevent livestock depredation. The program...

Sarah Huckabee Sanders lies to the American public and must be fired

Sarah Huckabee Sanders admitted to the FBI that she lied to the American public by saying that "countless" employees of the FBI supported the decision to fire James Comey, acknowledging that the statement was completely baseless, a "slip of the tongue." She has lied countless other times. A habitual liar cannot serve as press secretary. She must be fired.

Stop Mark Kennedy From Becoming CU's Next President

Mark Kennedy does NOT represent CU values. As a Congressman, he co-sponsored a constitutional amendment to ban marriage equality and consistently voted against a woman’s right to choose. Kennedy earned a 17% approval rating by the National Education Association, and 7% by the American Civil Liberties Union, while he got an A+ from the National Rifle Association and a 100% from the Christian Coalition. As both a politician and an educator, Kennedy has repeatedly proven that he does not care about all people/students. Because of this, he should not be leading a major public university.

Tell Our Government: The FL Bay County School District Needs Disaster Relief Funding to Support Our Teachers & Students

The Bay County School District is currently facing a finance shortfall of $12.4 Million for this year and $24.8 Million for the next school year due to the effects of Hurricane Michael, which hit our area in Florida on October 10, 2018. Without this disaster relief funding we will lose 600 teachers. Please sign this petition to garner support for that funding to be provided to the Bay County School District.

Recent Victories


VICTORY: Gov. Brown Signs Dark Money Disclosure Bill into Law

In the wake of the large sums of out-of-state anonymous donations that flooded into California during the 2012 election, the Legislature took up SB27, which would require political nonprofits to identify their donors in California elections. So Trent Lange of the California Clean Money Campaign, along with allies including California Common Cause, Credo Action, Courage Campaign,, and others, launched a campaign to get the bill passed. (Read More)


VICTORY: Hawaii Increases the Minimum Wage!

When the Hawaii Legislature took up an important bill to raise the minimum wage, Drew Astolfi of the organization Faith Action for Community Equity, along with allies and the Hawaii MoveOn Council, launched a campaign to raise wages for workers in the state. (Read More)


VICTORY: New York Times Works to Inform Readers on Budget

The New York Times' tendency to report on budget numbers without contextualizing them was a problem - especially in light of the recent federal budget crisis. MoveOn member (and former staffer) Daniel Mintz and Robert Naiman of Just Foreign Policy started MoveOn Petitions to Times Public Editor Margaret Sullivan, asking her to institute a policy of always reporting budget numbers with percentages or comparisons. (Read More)


VICTORY: Governor Corbett Releases Education Dollars To Philadelphia Schools

In October 2013, a student at one Philadelphia school suffered from an asthma attack that led to her death. If there had been a school nurse on campus that day, she might still be alive. This tragedy motivated Philadelphia parent Jesse Bacon to start a MoveOn Petition to Governor Tom Corbett, asking him to stop withholding $45 million of funding from Philadelphia schools. (Read More)


VICTORY: Tribune Papers Spared From Koch Empire

When the Tribune Company went up for sale, it was widely reported that the Koch brothers were interested in acquiring its newspapers - including the Los Angeles Times and the Chicago Tribune. The billionaire Kochs and their tea party politics presented a clear threat to independent journalism, so several organizations, including Forecast the Facts, Courage Campaign, and Working Families started MoveOn Petitions asking Tribune Company CEO Peter Liguori not to sell to the Koch brothers. (Read More)