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Tell Congress: Don't fund Trump's border wall

Donald Trump is now threatening a government shutdown unless Congress gives him $5 billion for his border wall. This is a ridiculous idea that even many Republicans are against. Mexico isn't paying for the wall, and we shouldn't have to either. Tell Congress to stand up to Trump and oppose funding for his stupid, wasteful border wall!

Add your official comment: Stop Trump's cruel attack on immigrant families

I am strongly opposed the Department of Homeland Security’s proposed rule change to "public charge." The proposed policy will devastate all our communities by making immigrant families afraid to access essential health, nutrition and shelter programs. Immigrant communities, long the target of attacks by Trump, will now live in fear of seeking supports they need—regardless of whether they are actually subject to the "public charge" test. These extremist, anti-immigrant measures betray our fundamental values. Just like the termination of DACA, the cruel family separation policy, and the Muslim ban, this proposed rule represents an extremist attempt to close America's doors...

Protect the Mueller investigation

With the latest firing of the Attorney General it's imperative that Congress do everything in its power to ensure that Mueller cannot be fired or removed and that the investigation will continue regardless of Trump's attempts to stop it.

End military aid to Saudi Arabia

Due to Saudi Arabia's role in the killing of journalist Jamal Khashoggi and its ongoing attacks that have created a massive humanitarian crisis in Yemen, the U.S. must end all military aid and arms sales to the regime.

Reintroduce and Pass the Equality Act

I would like for Congress to reintroduce and pass the Equality Act bill (as it is with protections for transgender people) to amend the 1964 Civil Rights Act to explicitly include LGBT people. It's time for LGBT community members to receive federal level protections from discrimination in all areas of life, and with a Democrat-controlled House and public opinion on our side, the potential for it to gain traction and even pass is greater than ever before. Even if it doesn't get made into law, the House passing it sends a powerful message.

Save Sacred Chaco Canyon from Fracking!

The Greater Chaco region of New Mexico is home to Chaco Canyon, extensive Ancestral Pueblo ruins, and Navajo communities. These public lands are considered the cultural heart of the American Southwest and are under attack. Despite years of public protest, on December 5 and 6, 2018, the Bureau of Land Management held an oil and gas lease sale of land parcels across the Greater Chaco Landscape to the highest bidder. These leases and fracking developments threaten the area’s rich cultural resources, treasured landscapes, and living Native communities, and must be stopped. Bureau of Land Management, please stop the exploitation of...

Censure Donald Trump for condoning the murder of Jamal Khashoggi

It is the duty of Congress to censure Donald Trump for condoning the murder of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi, a killing that was ordered by Saudi Arabia’s head of government and carried out by his agents. In his role as president Donald Trump speaks for all Americans. He must not be allowed lie or equivocate about Khashoggi’s murder in our name.

Trust Fund Emergency Petition to Congress

I am calling on every member of Congress to take the following two actions: (1) Make it illegal to spend money from the Social Security Trust Fund for any reason other than paying Social Security Retirement Benefits. (2) Require that the United States Treasury immediately begin repayment of the Social Security funds that have been borrowed from the Social Security Trust Fund and spent on other government programs.

Say NO to funding for family separation and imprisonment

We were horrified to see photos of our government tear-gassing mothers and toddlers who are seeking asylum at our border. As you consider spending levels for the rest of fiscal year 2019 (FY19), we urge you to hold the Trump administration accountable by reducing immigration enforcement funding that is being used to separate, detain, and harm immigrant children and families.

Schumer: stop fossil fuel$ puppet from Senate energy & natural resource committee

In his role as Minority Leader, Chuck Schumer can prevent Joe Manchin D-WV climate denier who's taken almost $1 million from fossil fuel industries, from becoming leader of Senate Energy & Natural Resources Committee. But so far, he’s refused to step in! Schumer must prevent this disaster, stand up to the industry and prevent Manchin from becoming the Democrats’ leading voice on energy policy.

He Used a Rifle to Shoot a Climate Change Bill. Don't Make Him Leader of Senate Energy & Natural Resources Committee.

Joe Manchin's pro-fossil fuel stance should disqualify him as a candidate for ranking member of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources committee. The IPCC tells us we have 12 years left to address climate change. The U.S. Climate Assessment concurred and described the profound impacts we can expect if we fail to act. On December 5th, we learned from the Global Carbon Project's report that carbon emissions increased by 1.6% in 2017 and are projected to increase 2.7% in 2018. We need climate champions in leadership positions, not politicians who have spent their careers in the pocket of the fossil...

Demand Mike Pompeo do more to stop genocide against Rohingya Muslims

The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum says "there is compelling evidence that the Burmese military committed ethnic cleansing, crimes against humanity, and genocide against the Rohingya, the Muslim minority population of Burma." As Congress discusses how to respond to Myanmar's genocide against Rohingya Muslims, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and the Trump administration have continually refused to call this atrocity what it is. We can't let them turn their back on this human rights atrocity. They must acknowledge the genocide against the Rohingya.

Tell ICE to keep Wayzaro home!

To be delivered to Aldean Beaumont, Immigration and Customs Enforcement Director, Rep. John Larson (CT-1), Sen. Richard Blumenthal (CT-1), Sen. Christopher Murphy (CT-2) Wayzaro Walton has lived in the US since she was 3 years old. She is the proud mother of a gifted 15 year old athlete who needs her mother by her side as she finished high school and pursues college. Wayzaro has a pathway to citizenship that simply needs the time to process. ICE wants to deport her next week!

Remove Jacob Anderson from UT Dallas - zero tolerance for rapists.

Following the news of allegations of sexual assault, Baylor removed Jacob Anderson not only from the fraternity over which he presided but also kicked him out of the school. Now, following a plea of no contest, he is a student at UT Dallas. The students at UT Dallas have a right to protection from predators like Anderson. He submitted a plea of no contest and was sentenced to deferred probation, and will not be made to register as a sex offender. That being the case, the school is has a responsibility to remove him from this new potential hunting ground....

Save Our Public Schools

The Indiana Constitution says: It shall be the duty of the General Assembly to provide, by law, for a general and uniform system of Common Schools, wherein tuition shall be without charge, and equally open to all. Education is the responsibility of our government, not the private sector looking to make a profit!

Recent Victories


VICTORY: Gov. Brown Signs Dark Money Disclosure Bill into Law

In the wake of the large sums of out-of-state anonymous donations that flooded into California during the 2012 election, the Legislature took up SB27, which would require political nonprofits to identify their donors in California elections. So Trent Lange of the California Clean Money Campaign, along with allies including California Common Cause, Credo Action, Courage Campaign,, and others, launched a campaign to get the bill passed. (Read More)


VICTORY: Hawaii Increases the Minimum Wage!

When the Hawaii Legislature took up an important bill to raise the minimum wage, Drew Astolfi of the organization Faith Action for Community Equity, along with allies and the Hawaii MoveOn Council, launched a campaign to raise wages for workers in the state. (Read More)


VICTORY: New York Times Works to Inform Readers on Budget

The New York Times' tendency to report on budget numbers without contextualizing them was a problem - especially in light of the recent federal budget crisis. MoveOn member (and former staffer) Daniel Mintz and Robert Naiman of Just Foreign Policy started MoveOn Petitions to Times Public Editor Margaret Sullivan, asking her to institute a policy of always reporting budget numbers with percentages or comparisons. (Read More)


VICTORY: Governor Corbett Releases Education Dollars To Philadelphia Schools

In October 2013, a student at one Philadelphia school suffered from an asthma attack that led to her death. If there had been a school nurse on campus that day, she might still be alive. This tragedy motivated Philadelphia parent Jesse Bacon to start a MoveOn Petition to Governor Tom Corbett, asking him to stop withholding $45 million of funding from Philadelphia schools. (Read More)


VICTORY: Tribune Papers Spared From Koch Empire

When the Tribune Company went up for sale, it was widely reported that the Koch brothers were interested in acquiring its newspapers - including the Los Angeles Times and the Chicago Tribune. The billionaire Kochs and their tea party politics presented a clear threat to independent journalism, so several organizations, including Forecast the Facts, Courage Campaign, and Working Families started MoveOn Petitions asking Tribune Company CEO Peter Liguori not to sell to the Koch brothers. (Read More)