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Tell Congress: We Can't Afford to Outsource More Jobs

I've had enough of bad trade deals like the Trans-Pacific Partnership that trade U.S. jobs to the lowest bidder and increase the power of multinational corporations and Wall Street over our democracy. I urge you to stand up to this corporate power grab and vote no on fast track authority for the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

Add The Words Idaho!

We support the addition of lesbian, gay bisexual and transgender people to the Idaho Human Rights Act. Every Idahoan deserves to be treated with respect and dignity and enjoy equal protection under the law

Tell the USDA: Protect our food supply, not Monsanto’s profits!

As someone who cares about the health of our families, our food system and our environment, I was very disappointed by your recent approval of Monsanto’s dicamba-resistant cotton and soybeans. Dicamba has been linked to a range of adverse human health impacts such as reproductive and developmental harm. Workers, farming communities, and children are especially vulnerable to these exposures. We need less toxic herbicides and pesticides in our food system, not more. In addition, allowing the use of more herbicide-resistant GMO crops increases the risk that organic and non-GMO farms will be harmed by pesticide drift and genetic cross-contamination. For...

Get glyphosate out of feeding tube liquid!

Moms Across America implore hospital directors around the world to get glyphosate out of the feeding tube liquid given to our critically ill children. We have tested pediatric feeding tube liquid given to children in hospitals with cancer, trauma and complex long term conditions and have found it to contain alarming levels of glyphosate, the active chemical ingredient in Monsanto's flagship herbicide, RoundUp. The levels ranged from 800-1110X higher than has been shown to destroy gut bacteria in chicken's in Carrusoco's study. We know that the gut bacteria is where 70% of the immune system lies. To compromise the gut...

Statewide Emergency Moratorium on High Volume Hydrofracturing Sites (HVHF) in Colorado

Numerous neighborhoods and communities all over the state of Colorado are under siege and severely threatened by the Oil and Gas Industry with the recent permitting of High Volume Hydrofracturing Industrial Sites (for this petition 4 or more wells on a multi-well pad = HVHF) in or near rural and residential neighborhoods. Please urge Governor Hickenlooper to declare an emergency ordinance to halt all permitting and construction of HVHF Industrial sites within a 1 mile square area around any homes or businesses and additionally, declare a 1 year moratorium on the permitting and construction of HVHF sites within a 1...

Millions of Voices Against Citizens United, You in?

Dear Senators and Representatives of the 114th Congress: I add my name to the millions of Americans calling on you to support and pass a constitutional amendment to ensure lawmakers have the authority to protect the voice of the voter from getting drowned out by big money, and place common sense limits on corporate, special interest and big donor influence in elections.

WA bill threatens consumers' right to know

House Bill 1104, if passed, will make it a crime for workers to document animal abuse on Darigold dairies and other farms. It will also make it a crime for organizations concerned about animal abuse, food safety and even worker rights to bring these issues to the public's attention. This is plain wrong. Workers should be rewarded, not criminalized for bringing issues to our attention, especially if their employers fail to take corrective action and instead, threaten and fire those workers who speak out. I call on Darigold to publicly oppose this anti-worker, anti-animal and anti-consumer legislation. I look forward...

Expand Medicaid in This Session

Legislators, you have a chance to insure more than 150,000 Kansans who don't have health coverage. Don't let more people die waiting for this! It is up to you. Expand Medicaid Now!

Racist McDonald's Bosses FIRE 10 Workers. Not OK.

McDonald's: "There are too many black people in the store" should NEVER be an acceptable reason for workers at your stores to be fired. Ensure NO ONE ELSE who works for you is racially harassed, and pay the 10 workers in South Boston, Virginia, fired on racist grounds, back pay and damages today.

Help millions of American workers by taking a bold stance in addressing overtime pay rules.

We applaud you for addressing an issue that supports workers and takes on the deep pockets of Big Business. Stand with the Economic Policy Institute and MoveOn by taking a bold stance on overtime pay. Help 6.1 million or more workers by increasing the overtime salary threshold to at least $51,168. When you take a bold stance on behalf of millions of American workers, we will have your back!

Tell Rep. McCollum to protect the Boundary Waters

As a member of the House Subcommittee on Interior and Environment, I hope that you will help permanently protect the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness and Voyageurs National Park from sulfide-ore copper mining. Please make preserving these pristine waters and unspoiled forests, and the sustainable regional economy, a priority. Toxic mining pollution would damage the rivers and lakes that flow into the Boundary Waters and Voyageurs National Park. Please follow in the steps of Former Congressman Bruce Vento and show your appreciation for the wilderness by protecting these two national treasures from sulfide-ore copper mining.

Dear 114th Congress: Stand Up to Wall Street

Some of the very first acts of the 114th Congress have been directed against the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and the reforms of the Dodd Frank Act. We are alarmed by these attacks. This is not an agenda that America voted for. We call on you to reject any changes that would weaken the CFPB's ability to continue protecting millions of Americans from financial scams and predatory lenders, including alterations to the agency’s leadership structure, funding, or regulatory authority. We urge you to take a strong stand for, not against, the cause of a fairer, more transparent and safer financial...

Recent Victories


VICTORY: Gov. Brown Signs Dark Money Disclosure Bill into Law

In the wake of the large sums of out-of-state anonymous donations that flooded into California during the 2012 election, the Legislature took up SB27, which would require political nonprofits to identify their donors in California elections. So Trent Lange of the California Clean Money Campaign, along with allies including California Common Cause, Credo Action, Courage Campaign,, and others, launched a campaign to get the bill passed. (Read More)


VICTORY: Hawaii Increases the Minimum Wage!

When the Hawaii Legislature took up an important bill to raise the minimum wage, Drew Astolfi of the organization Faith Action for Community Equity, along with allies and the Hawaii MoveOn Council, launched a campaign to raise wages for workers in the state. (Read More)


VICTORY: New York Times Works to Inform Readers on Budget

The New York Times' tendency to report on budget numbers without contextualizing them was a problem - especially in light of the recent federal budget crisis. MoveOn member (and former staffer) Daniel Mintz and Robert Naiman of Just Foreign Policy started MoveOn Petitions to Times Public Editor Margaret Sullivan, asking her to institute a policy of always reporting budget numbers with percentages or comparisons. (Read More)


VICTORY: Governor Corbett Releases Education Dollars To Philadelphia Schools

In October 2013, a student at one Philadelphia school suffered from an asthma attack that led to her death. If there had been a school nurse on campus that day, she might still be alive. This tragedy motivated Philadelphia parent Jesse Bacon to start a MoveOn Petition to Governor Tom Corbett, asking him to stop withholding $45 million of funding from Philadelphia schools. (Read More)


VICTORY: Tribune Papers Spared From Koch Empire

When the Tribune Company went up for sale, it was widely reported that the Koch brothers were interested in acquiring its newspapers - including the Los Angeles Times and the Chicago Tribune. The billionaire Kochs and their tea party politics presented a clear threat to independent journalism, so several organizations, including Forecast the Facts, Courage Campaign, and Working Families started MoveOn Petitions asking Tribune Company CEO Peter Liguori not to sell to the Koch brothers. (Read More)