Frequently Asked Questions

How do I start a petition?

Click "Start A Petition" here or at the top of this page to get started.

Will MoveOn help me collect petition signatures?

MoveOn provides tools that help you promote your petition and collect signatures. Some of the fastest growing petitions may also be featured on MoveOn's homepage, and occasionally MoveOn will promote a petition by emailing our members and urging them to sign it.

How does MoveOn decide which petitions to email to your list?

MoveOn selects petitions to promote by asking our members directly which petitions are most important. We never, ever promote a petition because someone paid us to.

Will MoveOn deliver my petition for me, or do I need to deliver it myself?

MoveOn delivers constituent signatures for approved petitions by email to governors, Congress, and state legislators, unless you choose to disable auto-delivery on your dashboard. MoveOn delivers signatures to custom targets (i.e. targets you enter manually such as CEOs, local officials, etc.) only if a valid email address is provided.

However, to make sure your petition gets the attention it deserves, you should definitely deliver it personally. Petition targets are most likely to respond when real people deliver the petition in person. So your best bet is to print out the petition after you've finished collecting signatures and deliver it in person. You may even be able to get media attention when it is delivered.

How do I print my petition?

To download a PDF of your petition to print and deliver, click "Manage Petitions" at the top of this page and click "Print." You will then have the option of either printing your entire petition in one document or splitting your petition into multiple documents sorted by state, district, etc. Choose one option, then click "Download Petition." MoveOn will then send you an email with a link to download your petition. This process should only take a few minutes.You can print your petition as many times as you like--printing will not deactivate your petition.

Am I allowed to email the signers on my petition?

Yes! We encourage you to contact the signers of your petition. Just log into your dashboard and scroll down the page and click "create an email." You can email all of your signers at one time or target a particular geographic area or legislative district.

I want to set a goal for my petition that's different than the signatures goal currently set. How can I do that?

MoveOn automatically assigns every petition a goal of 50 signatures to begin and then increases the goal each time a signature goal has been reached. Currently, MoveOn does not allow individual petition creators to set their own goals for petition signatures, but you can email us at to request a specific signature goal.

If I sign a petition, what happens to my email address?

After signing a petition, you may receive emails from your petition's creator through our online system. (Don't worry, your actual email address is kept private.) You'll also receive updates from You can unsubscribe from all emails at any time, and we never sell or share your email address with outside parties.

How can I unsubscribe from your emails?

Each email from MoveOn includes an "unsubscribe" link at the bottom that you can use to stop receiving future emails.

I started a petition and now I can't find it.

Click "Manage Petitions" at the top of this screen and log in using the email and password you used when you created your petition.

I forgot my MoveOn Petitions password.

Click here to request a new MoveOn Petitions password.

I have a specific question that isn't answered here.

Email specific questions to petitions (at) We'll respond as quickly as possible.