Petition statement to be delivered to Brett Kavanaugh, Supreme Court Justice

Call for Kavanaugh's Resignation

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Call for Kavanaugh's Resignation

To be delivered to Brett Kavanaugh, Supreme Court Justice

Petition Statement

Dear Judge Kavanaugh,

I am disturbed by your recent appointment to the Supreme Court. My concern does not arise from a belief that you assaulted Mrs. Blasey Ford nearly 40 years ago. My concern arises from your failure to honor the outcry of women in this country who have experienced sexual assault.

Only a person who feels cornered and is unable to stand on their own integrity lashes out with angry accusations in the way you did Thursday, September 27. Your yearbook and classmates attest to your drinking habits and yet you flatly deny them to be a problem. No one is faulting you for being a human and making poor choices when you were young, though assault of a woman should have clear and immediate consequences.

An honest and forthright candidate would respond from a foundation of integrity when being vetted for one of the highest offices in the land.

As a civil servant your responsibility to serve the people of the United States extends to the means and manner by which you enter your office of service. By refusing to speak truthfully you have forfeited your authority. Your insistence on taking this office through political maneuvering now threatens the integrity of the Supreme Court and the foundations of this nation.

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Petition Background

I believe that Judge Kavanaugh should resign from his position on the Supreme Court. Sign if you agree.

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