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Demand a transparent, full and fair FBI investigation into Brett Kavanaugh

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Demand a transparent, full and fair FBI investigation into Brett Kavanaugh

To be delivered to The White House and The United States Senate

Petition Statement

The White House and Senate leadership instructed the FBI to investigate Brett Kavanaugh but won't tell the American people about the scope of this work—and it's reported they are directing the FBI to unreasonably limit that scope. We urge an immediate public release of this directive so the American people can be assured that this FBI is free to conduct this investigation without artificial constraints or partisan bias. The FBI must be given the time and latitude to investigate thoroughly any leads it uncovers about any credible allegations of misconduct.
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Petition Background

We are concerned with reports that White House counsel Don McGahn, leading advocate to confirm Kavanaugh, has directed the FBI not to pursue the facts wherever they lead. There is a clear conflict of interest if it's true that the White House is dictating unreasonably narrow terms of an investigation into their own nominee.

In addition to the serious allegations of sexual assault and misconduct by Kavanaugh, this is also concerning because his testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee last week was replete with the evasive and deceptive responses of someone with something to hide. If he mislead Congress and the American people, we need to know.

Kavanaugh's troubled relationship with the truth has been a pattern for years. He denied involvement with controversial Bush Administration matters during testimony in 2004 and 2006 as a Bush White House official. Records indicate he was not being fully candid.

Furthermore, his 2004 and 2006 testimony that he did not know or even suspect that Republican Senate Judiciary Committee staff stole confidential information from Democratic Committee staff files in 2001-2003 is difficult to square with documents that recently surfaced indicating he received this information from the staffer at the center of this scandal.

If Kavanaugh wasn't truthful about those things, it's reasonable to wonder if he's being honest about excessive drinking to the point of blacking out, constant partying, and to doubt his overall temperament to be a judge on our nation's highest court.

Sign the petition demanding the White House and Senate immediately make public the directive given to the FBI so we can understand the scope of the Kavanaugh investigation, and allow a full and fair FBI investigation.

This petition was authored by former White House Special Counsel for Ethics and Government Reform Ambassador (Ret.) Norman Eisen.

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