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Don't let the Supreme Court overturn Roe v. Wade

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Don't let the Supreme Court overturn Roe v. Wade

To be delivered to The United States Senate

Petition Statement

We won't go back. Don't let the Supreme Court of the United States overturn Roe v. Wade.
There are currently 8,266 signatures. NEW goal - We need 10,000 signatures!

Petition Background

The stakes are high for women's reproductive justice issues. Many states, including Mississippi where I live, already have restrictive laws on how women can control their own bodies. Healthcare facilities are under attack, too. A new conservative justice will all but ensure a government attack on women's bodies.

I grew up as a fundamentalist evangelical where pastors preached about controlling women's bodies through restrictions on abortions. A major turning point in my life came when a Catholic hospital refused to treat me while I was in the middle of a miscarriage because they considered it an abortion. They sent me home where within hours I almost bled to death. It was awful, and I am lucky to be alive today.

If we're not willing to be relentless in fighting Trump, Pence, and McConnell in every peaceful way possible they will get what they want. They have already proven that by throwing out their so-called family values while looking the other way as Trump uses language unfit for even a high school class president.

The Trump-Pence nightmare has already used the courts to hurt workers, families fleeing violence, the LGBTQ community, Muslims, and people of color so we have every reason to believe they will expand the assault to women as well. It's a core part of their identity. It's the regressive vision they have for America.

Sign the petition telling the White House and Senate that they must hold the Supreme Court seat open until after the 2018 midterm winners are sworn in, and only then should they work together to find a fair justice who will protect the rights of all people in our nation including those who are protected by Roe. v. Wade.

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