Petition statement to be delivered to Tom Knight, Sarasota County Sheriff

Sarasota Sheriff's Office: Arrest Drug Traffickers!

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Sarasota Sheriff's Office: Arrest Drug Traffickers!

To be delivered to Tom Knight, Sarasota County Sheriff

Petition Statement

Please make a serious, discreet effort to arrest my granddaughter's parents for drug trafficking and save her before it is too late.
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Petition Background

My granddaughter has been living with her parents, who abuse and sell prescription drugs. She is two years old, and I have been trying to rescue her for a solid year. Her parents have refused to let our entire family visit her. Her mother has admitted to drugging her; her father has threatened to kill several members of our family for not "leaving them alone". Her parents would not be difficult to arrest. They have been abusing narcotics for over ten years; her father tried to sell narcotics at a family dinner! Even though the parents have both tested positive to oxycodone by Dept. of Children & Families, neither the caseworker nor her supervisor thinks they should be court ordered into treatment or that my granddaughter should be removed from the home.

Two family members saw the child recently and she is barely recognizeable. Her face is swollen and her mother admitted that she will not eat and needs laxatives several times a week. Her mother said recently that she wants to have another baby! The most direct method of protecting my granddaughter and MAYBE convincing her parents to live a drug free life is to arrest them when they are in possession of enough narcotics to give them a lengthy sentence. An undercover cop could get them within a month. The father does nothing but deal drugs for a living.

No fewer than a dozen detectives have told me that they can't help. I thought that citizen's tax dollars paid for law enforcement to act on reliable tips. The sheriff's dept. is admitting that either this is too difficult for them, or they don't care about protecting Sarasota's citizens from illegal drugs.

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